Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Endgame: A Review May Contain Spoilers With A Couple of Swears!

I'm here to rant about Endgame. I saw it, and totally have mixed feelings for it.
Okay, so I'm here to write a rant/ review all about it. I am going to pin point the things that I enjoyed, and didn't enjoy.

1.) I love Rocket: Whoever doesn't like Rocket, ya'll are insane. Rocket, the raccoon, is so adorable. He was the highlight of the whole movie- I loved his New York accent (or whatever you call it). He threw me off a bit, but I got used to his character.

2.) Time travel: That was a little too cliche for me. I wasn't fond of it- there are lot of movies out there about time travel. A different plot for it?

3.) The Hulk: Hulk's a funny guy, but they made him look the weakest of the bunch. He's supposed to be strong and scary looking. However, I love the part when the group of kids asked for his autograph and pictures. I forget who he was talking to, but he was like: "no, they just want autographs and pictures from me, dumbo."

4.) Zoe Saldana: I didn't get the point of this "green girl." She threw me off gaurd. I thought her charachter was weak.


6.) I like the android alien type girl. I forget her name.


8.) Iron Man: Don't even get me started. Loved the guy!

9.) Thor: May the gods bless Thor. He was so drunk and fat, I loved it. I'm not too fond of this superhero, but honestly this was his best yet. He made me giggle hysterically the whole time. Rocket and him make quite a pair.

 10.) Ending: Weakest ending ever. I thought they were just gonna show a snapshot of all of them together.

Okay, that's my worst review in history. Boo yah!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019


I love the summer. I love the bees that buzz. I love going to beautiful beaches.
At the beach, I like looking at the sand, and the ocean. I love the summer, for it's full of magical things.
  I love the summer holidays. I love the Fourth of July where families get together, have some B.B.Q's, and smile a knowing smile.
   I love seeing the ice cream trucks presenting people's favorite ice cream.
I love watching the colorful fireworks lightning up the night sky.
   I love going to the pool, getting my hair wet. I love playing volley ball, because it's my favorite summer sport.
   I love being able to wear light clothing, instead of long sleeves shirts, and I love sandals because my feet feels nice and cool (I know, gross).
   I love the summer because I can somewhat relax, and not have to worry about a damn thing.
  I love how college students are home, and we get to connect with our old friends.
  I just love the summer!

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Some Little Notes

I really don't have much to say. But this month, the nation celebrates our LGBT peers. Pride month was originally started as a riot. Everywhere, there are parades, BBQ's, and families spending time together. Celebrate those who came out of the closet, but also show respect and kindness for those who were
not successful. We are all wonderful people, no matter what size, or shape, or skin color. We deserve happieness. I just want to use cool colors for this page to represent us, all of us. No matter what, someone is there for us even though you don't feel like it. Colors sure are pretty. Rainbows sure are pretty.  HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019


I love the library. I love how books are stacked so elegantly on the shelves, woven with words inside them. I love the librarians who greet us as we look at the elegant books stacked on the library shelves.
   I love being able to learn a lot of things, knowledge. Pure knowledge. Working on my school work at the library- priceless. 
   A library is supposed to be a quiet place, but in reality not. I see other people filing into the library, sometimes seeing the smiling children who yell really loud. Some children may like the books that are provided, some may not. Adults...the same way.
    I like seeing people in the library chatting about the recent books they have been reading. I like seeing people I know, and meeting people I do not know.
   A library is a distraction from everyday life. It allows me (you) to go diving into a whole other adventure. To dream about another world. To become a fan of something.The library is good for any kind of weather. Sunny, rainy, cloudy... the list goes on and on.  
    I love the library because of the social events. Sometimes, authors go to the library to chat about their own books that they wrote. I wish I could be that author in front of me, inspiring others too. 
  Library's are something we cannot take for granted. It grants us great comfort.
The library has comfortable places where we can sit at. I allow the time to go away, and dream. I hate it when someone disturbs me from a great book.
  The library helped shaped the person I have become today. I always lust to provide an adventure for myself at the library. It's the only place that I can feel comfortable reading in public. People always think I am weird from reading in public. It's an uneasy feeling when people stare at you while reading, really it truly is. At the library, I get to feel comfortable laughing and crying out loud because the librarians and readers only understand. But, even at the library, I try to prevent myself from laughing or crying out loud. I have a weird laugh, trust me.
  It's a good feeling that I can connect to other readers, but also writers.
At the library, my library has writing workshops. I love that idea because writer can help each other critique our writings. It is an amazing treat, a great treat. 
  At the library, we are not badly influenced. We are influenced to do great things, to change the world. To research, gaining that knowledge I once described.
  The library gives chills down my spine, and I hope you think about going to the library. The library will fulfill your life long dreams to fulfill a good life- not just at school. 
  This...this is what the library is ALL about.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Song(S) That I listen To, And You Should Too.

I am a music junkie. I am in a Choir group, I play the clarinet, and I love to listen to music. I am very picky when it comes to listening to music. It's not about the genre itself, but about the lyrics if that makes any sense? I like the rhythms of the music, and the rhythms make me feel good. Today, I'm gonna list some good songs that you should listen to (and I suggest in other terms).

                                                1.) Come On Eileen
This is an 80's classic. I never knew about this song until I stumbled across my favorite movie Perks of Being a Wallflower which was released in 2012.
I loved it when Charlie, that being the main character, watches his friends dance to the song. His friend, Nothing (aka Patrick) shouts: "Living Room Routine!" 
When the song slowed down at the "Come on, Eileen torrola, ay..." or something like that, Charlie got the courage to join. This is kind of like what the singer is trying to potray in his song- encouraging this girl to "perk" up and be her unique self, at least that is what I analyze. This movie (also a book as I soon learned after by Stephen Chobsky) talks about the issues of mental illness such as PTSD and young adult issues. I felt that this song "Come On Eileen" really potrayed the movie well.

                                               2.) Lean On Me by Bill Withers

I love this song. It is an oldie. The song "Lean On Me" grants me good comfort. It talks about how we always have someone in our life even though we don't feel like it to talk to. His lyrics: "Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow, but if we are wise we know that there's always tomorrow....lean on me when you're not strong.." It makes me think of my best friend and family. I know that they will always be there for me. Bill Withers has an enchanting melody that he created there. I always will have those lyrics stuck in my head for life.
                                                      3.) Amazing Grace

I love the song "Amazing Grace." It is a sweet traditional piece of music. I could sing it all day- everyday. I am not the most faithful person, but if I need a higher figure in life to guide me, this song will help me through the difficult times. When I need to cry, this song will be there for my. My "Amazing Grace" is my family, my best friend, and my Chorus group who have been so inspiring to  me in my everyday life.

                                              4.) Don't Stop Believing 

This song gives me hope. Released in 1981 by Journey. I listen to this song everywhere. Randomly, at school dances. I always get emotional with this song.
At school dances, my friends and I belt this so loudly that our little voices hurt.
This song also gives me more hope towards our nation- America- to have a better sense of equality. That's all I could say about this song.

                                              5.) Stayin' Alive

"Stayin' Alive" by the Beegees, released in 1977 during the disco fever,
is my go- to song when I'm at school. I listen to it before auditions, and while I'm doing homework, and studying for those lousy finals (yuck...barfing right then and there). I just sing the songs loud and proud and sing: "wooo,wooo, wooo, wooo staying aliveeeeeeeee..." Like a fool.

                                           6.) Perfect

This song means nothing much to me, but I love the sound of the song. Released in 2017, all the girls (guys too) swooned over this. I did too. At first, I was like great another cheesy and cliche song, but nope. It wasn't. I love how E.D. Sheering sings in such a beautiful way- it makes my heart melt, and that's saying something from me because I do not like pop music. Yuck. Call me lame.

                                         7.) Tomorrow Will be Kinder 

I love this song "Tomorrow will Be Kinder" by the Secret Sisters. This song was released in 2012, right in time for The Hunger Games based upon the book by Susanne Collins. I really like how their voices sound soft, and how they have the perfect message: "tomorrow will be kinder" which, hopefully, that is true.

                                            8.) Tomorrow- From the musical Annie

This musical was released in 1977. It has been my favorite musical since I was a child. I sang it on a beautiful island when I was a kid, and I even wrote about it for my college's online (and printed) magazine. I love, LOVE, the musical Annie because Annie has the same birthday as me....October 28th....go figure. But, also, she shows/ portrays perseverance. 

So, what is your favorite song? Do tell me!

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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Confessions of A Reader

Dear Readers,
     I have a confession to make. The confession? I love reading. Okay, that is a quite simple and obvious confession. But what is it I love about reading? Specifically....books. Still obvious. But what is it that I love about books?
That's quite a heavy question to ask and answer.
   First, I love going to a library. Any kind of library. One I know about, one I may not no about. I love looking at the multiple books in the library, and the smiley librarians that try and help me out. I love looking around, seeing the books in alphabetical order, and smiling while I see my favorite authors books such as Harry Potter by the one and only J.K Rowling. Or Darren Shan, author of the Cirque Du Freak series! I love it that when I check out the book I love how the books are laminated for protection. And I love it when the librarians scan the bar code, and I love the click- click noise when they finally provide the book for me.
  Second, I love the smell of new and old books. Call me weird, I love to smell the books, but other people do so too! The smell makes me feel good, and it leads me hope that the book will be just as good as the smell! I mean, come on, reading should make us (me) feel good.
   Thirdly, I love taking a book anywhere. Specifically? Multitudes of coffee stores. I go to the local coffee shop called Starbucks and Dunkin' Doughnuts.
While I read, the coffee makes me feel comfort as I read a whole amazing adventure, any kind of adventure! I love allowing myself to buy a sweet treat.
  Fourthly, I love the turning of the pages. It allows me to realize I have accomplished at least something, reading a chapter. It's a well- to- do experience. Sometimes, I like getting a paper cut from the books, and that's even weirder about me!
  Fifthly, I love connecting with other readers. I love being able to talk about my favorite book series, or discuss what I'm reading about. For instance, at school my college is hosting a Feminist Book Club. We are reading and expanding knowledge about Feminism. I really like discussing our dislikes and likes.
  Six, I enjoy "becoming" more knowledgeable about things. I like to sticky note my pages, and underline things (specific term analyze). I like looking back at my notes, and telling others the things that I've learned.
  Seven, I love connecting to the characters and feeling emotions towards them. I love being happy for the imaginary characters, I love being mad at them, and they basically feel like I'm talking to a friend or a family member. I love being able to root for my favorite charachters. It honestly is like a movie playing through out my head. I also like saying or thinking as I read, I can connect to that, or them! That is a great and relieving feeling for me.
     What don't I like about reading though? What don't I like about the books?
First of all, I don't like the complexity of vocabulary words in the novels.
It makes it hard to understand what the character is talking about.
   Secondly, I hate when the series of events don't connect with eachother.
It makes me insane.
   Thirdly, I hate cliffhangers. I can't help it, but to be mad about the author leaning up to a cliffhanger.
   Fourthly, I hate it when the book, any book, is good at the beginning, and get's really boring at the middle or the end.
   Fifth, I hate hating certain genres. As a book lover, I hate disliking anything.
It makes me feel bad because the author worked so much on their novels that you (I ) just don't like to talk nasty things about them. I'm just not that type of person, but I give a book or the authors writing style a benefit of the doubt. :)
   Six, I hate when there is so many cliche plots. I hate it when authors fight with one another and say to each other: "Hey that's my plot." Or when readers say: "This sounds like this plot." Or "Hey, this is another Harry Potter!" A huge eye roll right then and there. Nothing can compare to another book- every book is unique, but authors can't really prevent that from happening.
   Seven, I hate it when a book comes out, and it's too hyped up. I don't even want to explain more about this! Ugh. Cuz, when I read the over hyped books I'm like: "ugh, I spent all the money for this?" I normally buy the over hyped books- the library only has so many over hyped books to distrubute.
  So, um, yeah. That is a true confession of a reader. Got inspired to write this damn blog because I had this idea from reading about reading confessions.
Welp, that's it. What are your confessions?
 Old picture of me reading, lol, even though I  used it already. For the love of God. 

Everything Random and Awesome, Creativity Makes Us Soar.

*PS: If you have something you'd like to submit, and it was rejected from a literacy magazine, send it over, and I'll gladly publish it. Or you want to submit it in general! Send me a PDF version of it to my email. *

Friday, May 24, 2019

Thanks A Lot Netflix for Giving us A Good Show Called The Society!

Okay, I have a complaint to Netflix, but a good complaint. Netflix has way too many good shows, and I MEAN IT. I'm currently binging on their original show called The Society. 
  The Society is about teenagers whom, in the beginning, smells a mysterious smell around their school. Weird sh****t starts going on, and that launches to the main plot. The adults in the show The Society sends them off to the field trip due to the mysterious smell. They are driving till the night night time. They fall asleep on the field trip bus, and realized the bus brought them back to their hometown.
       When they arrive, someone questions: "Okay, so they sent us away to return back to our town?" Leaving the small jammed packed buses, they realize no one is waiting for them, and by no one I mean their parents. And push comes to shove, they think that the world they live in is a replica of their own world without their parents.
   The teenagers are left scared, and they realize they all have the freedom they want, but it comes to a cost. The first part of the show, they find a community church. The church is trashed by the teenagers, but that's because they are not sure what to think of the situation. One girl did not want to take part of the party.
  Long story short, since no one is there to take charge of the community, a young adult named Cassandra runs the whole town, in their community church, where trials are held. She thinks of the most important rule: to ration the food in their Society, so they do not run out.
     Not a lot of the men like this so called "Cassandra,"so as a result, Cassandra gets murdered by someone from their town. The teenagers realized: "We don't have our parents anymore, so we need to learn how to fend for ourselves..."Eventually they do. When Cassandra dies, she leaves her sister in charge.Before her death, Cassandra being, the sister was not elected on the community council. When Cassandra died, she finally is in power.
   All the meanwhile, they tried to find who Cassandra's killer is.
And since then, things get quite nasty....
  The multiple groups of teenagers realize that there are more violence than ever before. The teenagers start looting shops. Men, ehem jocks, are the body guards of the town.
   So I'll leave the summary at that. I highly reccommend this show, The Society.
It really gives teenagers a piece of their mind: not to disobey their parents, and within an action, there is a reaction.
   I do have to warn you: this show has very mild graphic content. It focuses on abuse, discrimination, and how to cope with others in their own community. It also has a lot of swears, so it may not be suited for younger children, maybe teenagers since that's what the show is all about. For teenagers, by teenagers. If anything, I recommend that parents watch it with the younger teens, and have discussions about these certain kinds of topics.
   The acting is so good that it leaves chills down my spine, never the less.
I'm never normally into watching television, but Netflix is being pretty bad ass, and putting out good shows such as others like BlackSummer and Chilling Confessions of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
  Seriously, watch this show. It's amazing! I binged the show in one day, and it has ten episodes!

Endgame: A Review May Contain Spoilers With A Couple of Swears!

I'm here to rant about Endgame. I saw it, and totally have mixed feelings for it. Okay, so I'm here to write a rant/ review all abo...