Friday, October 19, 2018

December Rain

Hi Everyone-
Here is a flash fiction story I wrote. IT IS NOT A GREAT STORY, but I enjoyed writing it. This is called December Rain, and is about how a women named December was bullied through out her whole life, and things are especially worse when she is older, and working. Enjoy!!!
~Creativity Makes Us Soar~ 

Story Starts off here: 

I lost my faith when I was 11 years old.  Just me, December Rain. Life was full of dark twist and turns. I was made fun of constantly. People called me a nerd because I was smarter than any 11 year old who came into my life.

And I do not mean church faith, I mean by losing faith in myself.
Then when I hit middle school, the bullying subsided a bit until…

I moved to a new high school. A popular guy kissed me, just on the cheek. Everyone freaked the hell out.

Then until now, and I still get bullied at work, but I am keeping my head up high. I don’t let anyone stop me from doing what I love.

I told my momma. She was not happy.

I only had one mental breakdown in my life because I deal with PTSD. Don’t wanna go into too much details, but PTSD is not easy to deal with!

I was checked by mental health professionals...

“Mom, you don’t understand.” I said to her one gloomy evening.

“I was bullied by a forty- nine year old at work.”  My mother, who is 88 years old now holds my hand like I am a child.

Hector was an American white male, with a bald head. Me, I am a women. I have bright red hair,  dark skin, and sometimes dye my hair blue. I know it’s not normal for a 52 year old women, but
at my work I can dress however way I want, since it’s part of my “formal” attire for work..

“And you’ll get through this, trust me. My December Rain.” she whispered.  Her bright blue eyes, twinkled through her tears.

“Why don’t you and I go for a walk around here?” Here means a nursing home.

A nursing home, as you can imagine is filled with old people. My mother escorted me to a cafe like place. It was around  Thanksgiving, so they were serving turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash you name it.

The old ladies were happy to see me, especially her friend named Gloria. Gloria’s family is very rich, and her daughter owns a home which is practically a mansion.

“My darling’ December.” She said happily “Sit down with us and have a nice Thanksgiving feast.”

Part of me, did not want to have dinner with them. I felt guilty, in a dark place, realizing that my mother was in a nursing home. Then--- I met her son. The bully at work. I gasped, feeling sick to my stomach.

“This is my son Hector. He works for-”

“I know who he works for. He works for a company, my company, called Bethany’s News Paper.”

It wasn’t really a major online newspaper, but my friend Bethany founded it. Hector's face got ghostly pale. We get paid fairly, but the men got paid more. Of course, go figure.

“Sweet heart,” My mother said gulping, furious “Please do not start.”
Hector had a look of evil across his face.

“What’s going on?” His mother asked, looking like she was about to pass out.

He,”  I began to say “Bullied me at work and he stole my identity." He almost got me fired, and didn’t do anything about it.” I began to cry, rushing to the nearest bathroom. I almost puked. Luckily I didn’t.

The next few weeks, Hector got arrested. I was over the moon.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

~Less Time On FaceBook, More Reading!~

Hi Everyone,
This year I'm going to limit my time on Facebook, and more reading actual book. I have not read in a while, and it is sad because I'm missing out on doing "book discussions" with friends. FaceBook is giving me too much anxiety. Just like we diet, I'm doing less on social media such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. I just started today, and I am already lessening my anxiety attacks. I just see too many people having fun. I mean... that is a good thing, but my friends never invite me anywhere with their "friend group" and I feel left out all of the time. The only kind of social media I'm going to work on is Google Documents and my blog which I love to do.
    I also need to study, and focus on school. I feel the more time I spend on Facebook, the more time I abuse my education. As my history professor once said: "Value your education. Do not abuse it."
That advice motivated me to become more "smarter."
   So hear I am, on a fine Sunday afternoon, reading a Stephan King book with pretty paintings and pictures called The Dark Tower six: Songs of Susannah. I hope everyone understands where I'm coming from...
If anyone needs to contact me, please write nice comments on my blog. Toodaloo!

~Creativity Makes Us Soar~

Friday, October 12, 2018

Fright Fight: The Day I Experienced Dread

Hey everyone! Here is a new story for today that I wrote for a Halloween contest at my school. Enjoy: 

“This place gives me the chills.” I said to my cousin, Gretchen and my sister named Gabrielle “I don’t know...something about this place, just doesn’t settle right.”  Each and every year, I visit my extended family in Hilton Head because of my grandparents on my dad’s side. They are cute little old people, and love history and fashion. My grandad, James whom I call Papa Jimmy, always tells us that we should “study” history.
So, therefore, there is a  favorite historical sight to which he always urges us to see. What is it called? “Baynard Ruins.” You see, I’ve always been quite the history buff, and seeing an “abandoned” place of history is my cup of tea. South Carolina, of course, fits those criteria. This little state is the home of much history. Mostly American history, with a particular emphasis on slavery and the Civil War. As a history enthusiast, this era has never been my “favorite” history, but this place is the exception, for it seems abandoned and haunted.  
Here’s some historical background of our favorite place: Baynard Ruins has a little piece of history left, and it was sadly part of the Civil War. This area is very close to Calibogue Sound sailed,  by a man named Captain Jack Stoney, and William Baynard. They owned Baynard, and ran it as a cotton plantation. It is quite the hot spot for South Carolina Sea Pines residents and tourists.
Baynard Ruins has something that looks like a brick house, and a fence that circles around it. We normally climbed the fence to catch a quick view of a burnt down brick house in the woods.“Why don’t we go biking there?” My cousin Gretchen asked one summer's day as we were looking at the crystal clear ocean. I shivered.
“But- but, it’s in the woods. No thank you. I’ve heard many creepy stories about the woods.”
“Too bad,” she snapped “You’re going.” So there we go, on our bikes. We finally get there, and we place our bikes in a safe place and we go marching up a hill. I don’t know what came over me… but, I had an eerie feeling, like something was not right. We were just being our funny casual selves and yet it seemed different.
We began taking pictures in front of the burnt brick building, me taking a video of it. I looked at it, and thought to myself: why are we acting so childish in this place as if  filled with terrible American history?
“Hello my lovely people,” I began to say on the camera “Today I’m here with my sister and cousin. We are exploring a historical sight in Baynard Ruins in Sea Pines Resort…” My cousin and sister looked at me weirdly. I explained that I was creating a “vlog” for myself. But then...I don’t know why, on that particular day, but I started to imagine soldiers dressed in those Civil War uniforms. You know… with the musket, the hat, and the button down uniforms? I felt they were in my presence and I felt super awful. My head started to feel light headed, and I almost collapsed on the floor. That week I just studied too much history and I kept telling myself this place is haunted. Then, I said out loud in the video, “I think I’m going to find some orb’s.” At that time, Gretchen and Gabrielle began to laugh and they both said:
“There are no such things as orbs.”
I just rolled my eyes, guffawing.
“I don’t care WHAT you say.” I snapped “This is my belief. In fact, I feel an eerie presence right now you idiots. You shall not disturb this place. Spirits could haunt you for the rest of your life! ” I began to take more  pictures. Snap, snap, snap.
Then…. Complete silence. Now, my paranoia really started to kick in. I have depression and deal with paranoia, so that day my depression and paranoia sky rocketed into something else...
I realized: Gretchen and Gabrielle had disappeared, so I started to look around in the Baynard Ruins wooded area. However, a lot of people were in sight and I didn’t think anything could happen, but I was really hyperventilating by then. I thought a Civil War soldier, who was madly buff in size standing with a musket, next to me. I felt the soldier put a firm hand on my shoulder, telling me that I’m okay, but no one was there,
“Gretchen?! You f---ing  jackasses!” I questioned “Gabrielle?! WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?!” I kept running, like a fool, and people looked at me like I was stupid. I felt that “soldier” chase after me, and almost catching me. I tried not to look back, but I just couldn’t do that.  I was crying, and my body getting frail and frigid. I ran between bushes, and trees, and I had fear of getting Poison Ivy.
“Seriously.” I was out of breath. Then… I heard it. The sounds of laughter,  revengeful laughter, that was coming from Gabrielle and Gretchen. I turned around… and I saw  them, “That wasn’t funny!” I shouted “You know me, I get scared easily.”
Gretchen and Gabrielle were laughing so much, that I thought they were going to pass out, “You fools. I could’ve been hurt.” Gretchen walks towards me, and held me by the arm.
“But...we lovvvvve yoou.”  I saw a woman up ahead of me, and then Gretchen said with suppressed laughter.
“That woman must of thought ya’ll were insane.” Gretchen observed, saying this in her Floridian accent. I started to giggle too, and let the fear of this place leave me.
“Aye, I guess you’re right. She probably thought I was insane.”  When I got home, I told Papa Jimmy the story. That was the day I experienced dread.

“The End.”

~Creativity Makes Us Soar~

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

My Name Is Aiden

Hi everyone this is a story I wrote about bullying, and overcoming obstacles. I felt like posting a story with significant meaning behind it.  This focuses on a transgender student, who goes to a high school, where people protest to get their Pride Alliance out of their schools. Sorry if it's poorly written: 

“Airia, is Aria here?” I hear the teacher, but I block her out. My name is Aiden, for Christ sakes, and she knows I just transitioned this year, in high school. I want to cry. I tell myself: be a man, you can do it, you’re not a girl! My teacher stares at me like a hawk. I find myself hiding behind a desk, with my arms crossed. It feels like it takes  forever to answer. At this point, I think about the day I came out to my parents. I told my mother first, and she was fine with it. The smile she had on her face was a smile I will never forget. My dad, on the other, hand didn’t take the “secret” in easy….
“Aiden, just answer.” My best friend, named Candy, says. I raise my hand, and the class stares at me. The teachers smiles. Her smile looks like she just won a war. She writes on a piece of paper, and checks my “name” off. After class, my friend walks out with me.
“That teacher is evil. I don’t even know why she’s a teacher to begin with. That, right there, should be a hate crime…” Candy takes me by the hand, and I flinch. I don’t like it when she holds my hand. People stare at me because they think we’re dating, in which we are not! I’m glad Candy is my best friend though. We’ve been friends since the fifth grade, and now we’re in high school. She’s been there for me since I was a girl, now I’m a full grown man.
“Eww, gross. Don’t hold Aria’s hand.”
Someone said, scowling, their eyes looking like the devil. They used my old name which makes me feel as though I’m being swept away from a tornado.  Candy wants to punch the student, I could so tell, but I prevented her. The principle studied the situation, and told the kids to walk away. He applauds Candy for sticking with me.
“I can’t wait till later,” Candy says “The first pride meeting is being held here. The stupid Conservative mothers are trying to get rid of it. I see a lot of people protesting outside as we speak.” Candy is trying to make me feel better. I know, she is just trying. She let’s go of my hand, and we go sit at a green table at lunch time. It is what we call “Free Block,” so we decide to do homework. As we do homework, someone that I know puts up a sign. The sign says:
“Coming soon, a bathroom for all genders to share.”
My heart starts to beat 100 miles an hour, and Candy smiles with glee.
“We are gonna crush this debate against the Conservatives!”
She says. Someone decides to blare music from a boombox in our cafeteria and the song called: “Funky Town” by LipSync plays. Candy takes me by the hand, and twirls my hand,
“Why don’t you take me to funky town, why don’t you take me to funkkkky town?” I feel my cheeks getting hot. Like, really hot. She tells me to relax.
“Listen,” I say “I have to go pee.” She rolls her eyes.
“Really, you just have to announce that?” I laugh, pecking her on the cheek, which I didn’t mean to do. She doesn’t seem to mind, however. Her face grows red too.
“Sorry, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean that.”
Instead of saying: ewww get away from me, transgender freak she kissed me back. Her kiss though...was on my lips which I didn’t expect of her.
“You just kissed me, in front of a million gazillion people.”
People looks mortified.
“I don’t fucking care.” She snaps “I just care about you, now go pee!”
I head to the mens bathroom, and of course I see bullies. The men’s bathroom smells awful, and some of the urinals has shit in them. I go pee in the urinals, but before I could some guy puked.
“You have a vagina dumbass.” My bully said “Go use the girls bathroom. And, oh, I heard you and Candy are dating.” I tell him we’re not dating. We’re just friends, and he tells me that she kissed me, “I can’t wait to tell her mother about this.” Great, word is going to spread around like wildfire. Candy, throughout her life, has been sneaking around to hang with me from her Conservative parents. My bully just happens to know Candy’s mom.
“Please, don’t tell Candy’s mom we kissed.” I begin to cry. Great.
“Ha! Man up boi.” He gives his friend a fist pump, “well if you don’t want me to spread the news, I suggest you get the hell out of here…” On second thought, I don’t have to pee. I get out of the mens bathroom, as commanded, and run to Candy who was crying.
“Aiden,” she says “I feel bad for you. So bad, I wish I can do something.” Few, no one caused her to cry. I place a firm gentle hand on her shoulder,
“There is nothing’ you can do Candy. You’re my best friend, and that’s all you can do for me.” She smiles, as I wipe her tears away from her cheek.
“That was fast, boys pee fast.” I roll my eyes.
“Haha, you got that idea from the show ICarly. I can’t believe you watch that show still!” She laughs too as people stare at us. I see my bullies from the men’s bathroom, and they say:
“Hey Aria, why don’t you just go back to being a girl?” Candy is becoming furious.
“SHUT THE MOTHER FUCKER UP.” She growls “I WILL RIP YOUR BODY UP TO SHRED’S!” I tell her to calm down. It’s going to be okay.
“His name is Aiden, he is just Aiden.” Even though I’m being bullied in this situation I put on my knowing smile that she loves, and I conquer my bullies:
“Yeah, I’m Aiden. I, AIDEN.”
~ Creativity Makes Us Soar~

Monday, October 8, 2018

My Hero's: Blog Inspired By Lukas Graham (A "Rant" that Sounds Like Gibberish)

Hey Everyone,
  I have a lot of hero's, and I'm going to be naming quite a few. The first hero of mine?  It is the one and only LUKAS GRAHAM. I really enjoy listening to Lukas. Now, he's back and better than ever before. Lukas has just released a new song called "Love Someone." This song really hits home for me because he talks about family, and how you should learn to love someone regardless. I began singing it to myself this morning. He's popular, but not super super super popular. You may come to a realization about his voice because he wrote "7 Years" which hit up a storm on the radio Another hero(s) of mine? Stephen King and Darren Shan. They are the authors of horror. Stephen King wrote the Dark Tower Series and the famous book about a scary clown called It. You may recognize Darren too- he wrote The Cirque Du Freak series. It's funny how Darren Shan bases his characters off of himself like the main character *ehem* Darren. Stephen King also writes about himself in his books as well.  More people that I consider heroes is my favorite band My Chemical Romance. While the band, My Chemical Romance, has broken up many moons ago, their music still lives on. Gerard way,  the lead singer, writes graphic novels. I never read them before, but I hope to some day.  Okay, this was a "rant"- a- then today. All I can say is this: These are my heroes, and I love em' dearly.

~Creativity Makes Us Soar~

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Food For Thought About October and December

Hi Everyone,
Happy October! October is my favorite month. While I'm in school, everything about staying in school is super exciting. In college, I love seeing the Halloween events blossom as ever before. My birthday is coming up soon (October 28th), and I'm turning TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD. Sometimes, as I get older, I forget exactly what my age is sometimes (lol, I'm just joking).
   I love that it is fall because I get to see the leaves changing, and wear soft winter clothes!
There are a lot of Halloween parties, and yes... Christmas stuff too.
     The Walking Dead season nine premiere is on tonight. My cousin just confirmed that because I've been hearing different dates of when the season premiere would be (because I don't think it was really advertised well this year). Also, I want to wish my condolences to Scott Wilson, who played Hershel Greene (Maggie Green's dad), and The Walking Dead family.
        I've been watching a lot of Halloween movies today. I watched The Haunted Mansion staring Eddie Murphy. I watched it twice (Saturday and Sunday), and I feel like it never gets old. It's my favorite "Halloween" movie. It scared me as a kid, and lol, it still does.
        Also, is it bad that I've been singing Christmas songs? Well, technically it is not too bad. I'm singing/ practicing  Christmas music with my Chorus, and practicing songs for vocal lessons. I really like singing the song Oh Holy Night. It's super pretty though the notes are really high. I'm only an alto (the lowest voice for female), and sing the high notes? Forget about it! Ugh. 
   I also have been singing Halloween songs as well, so they aren't off the hook. I've been practicing the songs called "Come Little Children" from Hocus Pocus and "Sally's Song" by Amy Lee from The Nightmare Before Christmas
   Anyways, sorry I don't post much. I've been busy in college, and normally write on holidays and when I'm free.  And yes, I know this blog is not the greatest. Any of it. I stink at writing, but I write for the heck of it anyways. I love writing.
   Welp, Happy October I guess!
-Creativity Makes Us Soar

Friday, September 28, 2018

Alex StrangeLove (With Some Spoilers Because I Cannot Summarize a Damn Thing Without Rambling)!

Hi everyone, today I'm going to be reviewing a movie called "Alex StrangeLove" on Netflix. This is going to be a crappy review, but I will review it anyways. One day I was randomly searching up movies, and a particular movie called "Perks Of Being A Wallflower." Unfortunately, it wasn't up on Netflix. However, I stumbled across a movie called "Alex StrangeLove.
   I'm normally not keen about sappy romance stories, but this was the only exception. "Alex StrangeLove"  is about a boy named well... Alex. He is a typical teenaged boy  who goes to high-school with his friends. He falls in love with this girl named Claire, and he is pressured by his friends to break his virginity with her.
Alex Truelove learns that his girlfriend's mother is sick from cancer. She drives her mother to appointments, and she becomes depressed because her and her mother are close friends.
   Alex then later  finds out he is gay (thinks he's gay or most  likely bisexual). He goes to party one night, and meets a teenaged boy named Elliot. He's quite a charmer- a theater kid with curly hair, and brown eyes that makes the girls scream too. Alex meets Elliot in another room with a girl, and he learns that his father is homophobic "red neck" as Elliot describes him by. He lives with that girl, and tells him that her parents were accepting and took him in. Claire runs into them by accident, and clearly see's that he's developing a relationship with him.
      When Alex goes to a party, and his friends are absolutely drunk, they kept an eye on each other by staying in the same room to sleep. Alex receives a phone call by Elliot, and Elliot invites him to a show in New York. He says to Claire that he's invited, and he agree's to going.
   So what is Alex's resolution with her to break his virginity? Someone helps him book a hotel after dance social's (I believe prom I forget which), and as a result,  an older person helps them because teenagers cannot book a hotel because of their age, and  soon later Claire agrees. From there, Alex is super scared, and he breaks it off. But he's scared for one reason only- he came to a conclusion that  he's gay or as I mentioned on the bisexual side.
   The teenaged girl, Claire, is super pissed after that one night. She ignored him for days. Alex is kind of happy that they broken up. Alex then is invited to a college party (he's a senior) because his friends pressured him to go to one. Alex doesn't really want to, but they drag him along by force. Soon after, Claire and her friend follows him by stalking him, and Claire is absolutely disgusted!  
As Alex get's drunk, he goes swimming in the pool. He becomes out of it, and I thought he was going to die. Alex's sexuality is finally sinking in by that point, and he has a flashback about a time when he was little at a sporting event. He was checking out all the guys, and one of the boys pointed out. They called him mean names, and punched him. Claire see's him swimming, till he's out of breath, pulling him out of the pool. She asks if Alex is okay, and he explains that he's gay, and he's okay. Claire is accepting about it, and they become closer friends than ever before...
   I really think you should watch this movie because it's so good! I rate it a 10/ 10. It has very diverse characters, and if you're looking for a movie with LGBT characters in it, then seriously watch it. I was really surprised to see that this is rated 3 stars on IBMD for a review. I thought it was raw honest and cute and very funny with a sad reality that most people have to face. I look for diverse characters. While this is seriously a cliche movie, just watch it!

December Rain

Hi Everyone- Here is a flash fiction story I wrote. IT IS NOT A GREAT STORY, but I enjoyed writing it. This is called December Rain, and ...